The Goal of The Game in Roulette

If roulette is enjoyed by a large number of players, it’s all because the rules are simple. Whatever the version, the goal of the game is the same. You just have to place your bets on the number or numbers where you think the ball will stop. It must be understood that in roulette, there are minimum and maximum bets that are, normally, announced in a dedicated table. This is worth playing in a land-based or virtual casino. The difference is that in a brick-and-mortar establishment, you play against a dealer and with other players. Online, except in live mode, you play alone and activate the rotation of the cylinder and ball yourself. There really is no need to be an expert to play. However, some basic knowledge can help you increase your chances of winning.

Rules of roulette and layout of the game table

The rules of roulette are simple, but there are small subtleties that help to understand how it works. Already know that roulette is in the category of table games. When you go to a brick-and-mortar casino, you have to sit at a table to play there. The latter consists of 2 distinct parts. There is the cylinder with its numbered squares where the ball makes its course and ends up stopping. Depending on the version, you can have a cylinder with 37 or 38 boxes. This last layout corresponds to the American version of the game with its double zero (00) in addition. Indeed, in the European or French version, there is only a unique zero (0). Then there is the mat, where you will have to place your chips, presenting the possible wagering options. The choice of table is essential to guarantee your entertainment.

Rules of roulette and other important elements

Aside from the table, there are two other things to consider when roulette. Among these, you will find mainly the tokens. You cannot participate in roulette with cash, you must exchange them. These therefore represent a precise sum. If you join a small table, their value is often between 50 cents and 50 €. At a table of big players, you will find chips between 50 € and hundreds of euros, or even more. Each value has its own color to make it easier for you to play. Then there is the dealer in charge of animating the table. It is he who exchanges your money for chips, starts the game and distributes the winnings or recovers the losses. To find yourself well in a game, you have to stay attentive to the announcements he makes. Online, as mentioned above, it is only present in the live versions of the game.

Running a roulette game in the rules

Essentially, a game of roulette takes place in five stages. The first takes place as soon as the dealer announces “play your games”. It invites you to place your bets on the mat in seconds. When this time is up, the second step takes place. The dealer announces “nothing goes anymore” to say that no one has the right to arrange his bets. At the same time, the dealer starts the cylinder and ball race. Note that these two are turned/launched in opposite directions. The third stage starts when the dealer says “the games are done”. The ball then begins to bounce off the cylinder squares. Fourth step, the ball stops in a specific square and the dealer announces the winning number and its color. Finally, last, he will distribute the winnings of those who bet right and recover the losing bets.